Episode #7

Michael Thomas is a lonely banker with a big dream: to transform himself into a martial arts action movie superstar! Ignoring rejection and ridicule, Michael dedicates himself to his daunting quest.

He endures endless brutal workouts, a super-strict diet, motorcycle and martial arts lessons, and even a painful chest waxing!
And he records it all in an honest-and often hilarious-video diary, documenting his difficult and inspiring journey.

But the transformation that Michael finds isn't the one that he set out to achieve. With new found self-confidence, his life changes in ways that he never imagined as he falls in love!

Filled with action, laughs and romance, HOW TO BECOME AN ACTION STAR IN TEN WEEKS is an honest and charming portrait of a young man's journey to finding himself and true love.

Writer & Director Michael Thomas and Karrie Campos, Sarah Kelly will be taking qeustions by phone.  Don't miss this great film.




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